A testing we will go…


We regularly create digital signage for our clients.

Help us know a bit more about your designing skills by completing the following test.

We will get to know how creative you are, your design style, visual composition skills and your software skills…

So get creative and show us what you got!



Test Scenario:

Let’s say we have a customer that has a Corporate building and wants us to create digital signage for him, so we will create a mock-up of how it would look like on their lobby screen. For this, you will create a digital signage mock-up that will show the customer our digital signage on their screen.


Read all the instructions before starting, it will save you time!

First create the digital signage animation and then insert that animation in the picture provided.

There is a form at the bottom of this page where you can upload:

1- Your digital signage animation exported file before inserting it on the picture. (Please include working file for review)

2- Your digital signage mock-up with the video animation inserted on the screen in the picture. (Please include working file for review)

Don’t forget to track the time it takes you to finish each file!

Create a short video or animation that shows their Digital Directory and then transitions into a Food Menu Ad. The video has to be inserted on the lobby screen picture provided by the customer.

Dimensions: 1080×1920 (Vertical Orientation)

Please create a Digital Directory Mockup like the one below, but put a company logo (of your choice) at the top and centered instead of having the 2  “speech bubbles”.

Let’s say this directory is for a corporate office, they want a modern, slick design and their corporate tones/colors are:

Blue, different shades of gray, and white.

Instead of the “Welcome to the Stepford Clinic” title, type: Welcome to our Corporate Building

Include the same tenants list as on the example but just copy the text for the Administration, Day Surgery and ICU section dividers, all the other tenant rows can be left as “sample text” to save you some time.

Use the same transparency style as the example directory’s sections and tenant rows.

You can play a bit with how you want to show the date and weather at the bottom, choose different icons and add or subtract any details that would make the directory more visually appealing.

Then animate the directory in a simple yet elegant style, as the one shown in the example, you can recreate the same  “cascading” top to bottom sequence animation or do something different that would look better, that’s up to you.

As this building has a food court they want to advertise one of their menu dishes, so after the Digital Directory is shown for 5 seconds, the screen will transition into the Food Ad, so please create an 8 to 10 seconds animation like the one below for their famous “The Works” pizza. The ad must include:

Title: The Works Pizza

Subtitle: House Specialty

A picture of the pizza (don’t worry if you can’t find a pizza with the same ingredients, you just need to find a good quality pizza image for the purpose of this test) 

The Ingredients: Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Onions, Mushrooms, Black Olives.


Small: $4.99 Medium: $5.99 Large: $7.99

Take the video below as an example of the animation style we need, this example is in horizontal orientation, don’t forget your ad has to be in Vertical orientation:

Then insert the video in the picture below:

To finish, export it and add it to the form below, keep in mind it has to be exported in a format that can be played in most windows computers, we wouldn’t be able to watch your test if it’s not exported correctly. No Flash format please. MP4 and Gif are examples or formats that are easy to play on most computers.

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