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Keeping your costumers and employees safe is more important than anything. With our new line of COVID-19 products, you can protect them while advertising your business. 

Signcast Hand Sanitizer Kiosk 21.5"

21.5″ Hand Sanitizer
Touch Kiosk

Introducing the Signcast Hand Sanitizer Touch Kiosk. Check its unique features all with high quality video screens that can display crisp images or videos in high definition. Non-touch hand sanitizer dispenser with wall- or stand-mounted options to deliver precision and style. It holds up to 5000ml of sanitizer. 

It’s all about targeting the audience with relevant information.

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Available Options:
Hand Sanitizer Kiosk


Our new kiosk comes with an Auto-Dispenser that instantly lights up providing the user visual queue to remove their hands. It holds up to 5000ml.

 Kiosk with camera

Optional Built-in Camera and battery

Comes with a built-in camera for security, check the body temperature, etc. Plus a rechargeable battery.

Water & Shatter proof glass kiosk

Water & Shatter
proof glass.

 This kiosk has a 3mm tempered glass with a fully metal case that is waterproof and explosion-proof for more durability. 

Wall-Mount kiosk

Optional Wall-Mount

This versatile adapts to your space. You can choose between wall-mounting or an stand mount to get your message across in any environment.

Touchscreen kiosk

Interactive Touchscreen

This kiosk comes with a highly accurate multi-point touchscreen display that allows your audience to interact through the use of its multi touch point functions.

kiosk with light

Light Indicators

The light signals indicate how much sanitizer is left in the dispenser for a visual reminder of when it needs to be replenished.

Signcast Hand Sanitizer Kiosk 21.5"

Floor Standing 1000ml
Automatic Dispenser

The floor standing automatic soap dispenser with a built-in automatic sensor that sprays the soap directly into the hand without contact to avoid secondary cross-infection during the process. 

It has a large capacity of  1000ml to avoid constant refills. 

Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

Automatic Dispenser

Automatic infrared sensor chip designed to avoid cross-infection from a 3-10cm sensor distance. 

 Kiosk with camera

Large Capacity

1000ml large-capacity automatic soap dispenser, to avoid frequent refilling. The bottle can be removed for easier refill.

Water & Shatter proof glass kiosk

Floor Standing

Floor standing with an adjustable height of 1200-1750mm. 

Signcast Hand Sanitizer Kiosk 21.5"

Desktop/Wall Mounted
1000ml Automatic Dispenser

The wall-mounted automatic soap dispenser has a built-in automatic sensor that can recognize the automatic spraying of liquid by the palm, without contact during the whole process to avoid secondary cross-infection.
Large capacity: 1000ml large-capacity automatic soap dispenser, to avoid frequent addition of emulsion, the soap bottle can be removed for easy liquid replacement. Liquid soap bottles can hold a variety of lotions, liquid soaps and disinfectants.
Two types of power supply: The non-contact soap dispenser has two power supply methods. You can choose to use a DC power cord as the power supply, or you can choose a 4 x C battery (not included) to supply power to meet your different needs.

Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

Visible Design

See the liquid directly and add the liquid timely when the soap is running low. 

 Kiosk with camera

Large Capacity

1000ml large-capacity automatic soap dispenser, to avoid frequent refilling. The bottle can be removed for easier refill.

Water & Shatter proof glass kiosk

Wall Mounted

Adapts to your space and it is easy to install with only a few steps. 

Photos & Video

Digital kiosks are both advanced and user friendly. Use just one of their many functions is to play back a collection of photos or videos. Playlists can be customized and you can choose from over 20 different types of transition effects and image display times.

FULL HD Display

The Full HD screen ensures optimal display of the content; with an impressive resolution of 1920 x 1080, our kiosks will guarantee an outstanding digital experience!

Thin Screens

Some of the digital kiosks we offer are only 3.7 cm in thickness, built with environment-friendly material, and  can be easily transported. This digital kiosk will effectively showcase your brand presence, information, and impeccable taste in design.

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