The very latest in commercial signage, the LED Digital Windows is an alternative solution to outdoor signage. Installed behind a window, it attracts the public to enter the place of business. Ten times brighter than an LCD TV, the LED Digital Windows is visible from more than 80 metres, day or night. With this tool, increase traffic to your business, improve your image, and save money!

Its primary features are high brightness, high definition and low energy consumption. Can be used 24 hours a day and it is easy to maintain.


Striking, responsive communication made possible through the display of content in real time. The stunning color makes the LED digital windows stand out and attract attention.


Optimum return on investment and rapid results through an effective marketing strategy. Dynamic signage will give your messages more impact than ever.


A significant reduction in your marketing investment, using an infinite variety of messages at very low production cost, which can be replaced as often as you wish. You can even test their performance to optimize their effectiveness.


Our easy-to-use Content Manager, lets you remotely plan the broadcast of all types of contents in minutes. Dynamic signage makes it possible to tailor your content to the time of day or the needs of different markets.
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