Introducing the next big thing.

Signcast Media Inc. is proud to bring you the next big thing in digital signage
Wouldn’t it be great to finally deliver digital signage directly to your customer in a completely non-intrusive way, a way that they instantly connect with? Well go no further our engineering team has been hard at work over the past few years building just such a product.

Introducing SignCats

When our team thought of the best way to marry digital signage to something people love and would be instantly drawn to the answer was sitting right infront of us. Literally our mascot cat was on the board room table already wearing a vest.


9 lives


9W Li-Ion Battery


Simple nitted vest

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Something For Everyone!

This revolutionary product is great for whatever occasion and is universal in its appeal (expect people who like dags, but does anyone really care not to appeal to them?). Use on any style of cat you want (please be careful attaching SignCats product to lions and tigers, not licensed in Kenya) from small to big, hairy to hairless we have a vest and screen ready to suit your needs.

Use for indoor cats and outdoor cats our product is IP68 certified* so you don’t have to worry about rain or water damage. Feel free to let your cat roam and attached and engage your customers anywhere.

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How to understand your cat better, learn their language

The benefit of this product is that the cat can freely roam and interact with your clients anywhere, has built in GPS so that you can track your cats in the field and has a central management console to remotely update and see where your signcats are and how engaging they are at any moment of the day or night (glow in the dark SignCats product coming soon).

Once you have that under your belt, maybe its time to understand your cat better so that you can properly engage them in this process and help further your engagement goals. Please see the video above for more information.


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Training Plans

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Official SignCat App

Download our official SignCats app today. Available for the widely popular Windows Mobile platform today! *Android and iOS apps planned for a couple months after launch.

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Thank You To Our Partners

Your product was a life saver for my Cat Cafe! We were struggling to engage with our clients on a real personal level. Now we can communicate on a deeply personal level and our sales have grown 219%.

Cat lover, signcats beta tester – 1st Place


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