Easily communicate with your loved ones through personalized digital signage placed right in their home.
Digital signage in senior living spaces keeps them informed, minimizes stress, and engages new prospects.

The Signcast Studio solution makes updating the sign remote, easy, and fast. It can feature reminders, daily info, family photos, events.. 

Why chose this solution?

  • Share information easily.
  • Includes media such as images, slideshows and videos.
  • Includes dynamic data such as time/date, weather updates, and live news.
  • Easy to update remotely.
  • Customizable template. customize the template to your needs or create your own with the info you need to include.

How it works:

  • Create the content remotely through Signcast Studio.
  • Install the Signage player app to a tablet or screen of choice. (recommended: Lenovo Smart Tab)
  • Connect the tablet to the wifi and place it on the charging stand. Tablet will be set up to stay on and play the content you created.
  • Update the content online anytime from anywhere and it updates automatically on the tablet/screen.

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