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Now you can create a unique and distinguished visual experience with image display capabilities and unmatched flexibility.

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Benefits of Video Walls

How it fits together is up to you. Customize everything from the number of screens to the tile layout.
High pixel density so you get high quality images no matter what size your display is. Consistently great color and clarity.

Integrate with any data source to display real-time data for waiting rooms, conference rooms, and other public spaces. Sell extra ad space to maximize profits.


Bring unity and consistency to the way customers perceive your business. Incorporate the same colors and style that your brand represents and get recognized– then remembered.


Seamlessly and simultaneously present different pieces of information to multiple people. Build a productive workplace that ensures optimum levels of communication and collaboration.


Create an immersive and engaging experience for your visitors, employees, and customers with interactive features compatible with smartphones and tablets.

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Size Does Matter

Assemble a display area that is larger, brighter, higher resolution, and has inherent redundancy unlike any other method of image display. Speed up workflows with the flexibility of displaying multiple images at the same time.

For a video wall, pixel density is constant regardless of the display size. In fact, enlarging the array increases the overall resolution of the video wall.

Video Wall Features

Flexible mounting systems

We have multiple mounting systems to allow for various arrangements of screens.


Display clear messages, 24/7

Get creative with the number of tiles, shape and size of the video wall.

Colour uniformity across all screens

Deliver your messages in consistently accurate colour across multiple displays.

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Commercial Vs Consumer

When you choose SignCast you get:

  • A longer warranty: You risk voiding a consumer warranty once you place your product in a commercial environment.
  • Longer run time: Consumer products are not made to run for more than 8 hours.
  • Longevity and reliability: Commercial products have longer lifespans.
  • Control locking so you can securely place your screens in public environments.
  • Displays made specifically to be compatible with PCs and AV systems so you always have great quality images.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

SignCast offers full service solutions. Not only can you count on us to customize a solution tailored to your needs, handle the installation, and the content creation, but you will also get full, reliable support. Watch the timelapse to learn more.


We provide free consultation for our video walls in order to create the perfect solution for your business.


We take care of the entire system from hardware to softwareand everything in between.

Content Creation

We work with you to create various which allow you to integrate news, weather, or anything you need into your video wall.


Full installation so we can make sure that everything is up and running correctly.

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