Digital Signage has many different uses; we can help you take advantage of the opportunity in your industry.


Create an engaging corporate environment for both your customers and employees

SignCast Media provides the ideal solution for your corporate digital signage needs. Our software is versatile and built to meet your internal and external communication needs. Whether you want to enrich your lobby, waiting rooms, break rooms, elevator lobbies, or any other high-traffic areas, our digital signage solutions will help you capitalize on every opportunity to increase product and information awareness. Digital signage can also easily improve communication between you and your staff, providing motivational messages, emergency announcements, product sales and targets, conference/meeting information, or information specifically for individual departments. Digital signage helps your business face the challenge of disseminating information to employees at the right time, especially when having multiple buildings. Let SignCast Media can help take your company productivity to new heights.

Digital solutions are being widely used to display:

  • Emergency alerts and instructions 80% 80%
  • Real-time weather and forecasts 95% 95%
  • Public notices 90% 90%
  • Wayfinding, Maps and directions 93% 93%
  • Public service announcements 75% 75%
  • Calendars, important dates and deadlines 80% 80%
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Revolutionize your financial institution with digital signage by SignCast Media.

Digital screens and interactive kiosks are being widely used by financial institutions around the world to reach out to their customers. Digital signage allows you to reduce clutter and money spent on print signage by having a simple, clean, user-friendly interface that will inform and educate customers of your latest products and services and grab their attention. Our digital signage solutions can also help improve internal communication between management and employees. Keep your employees informed with an updated stream of messages that can be disseminated easily and consistently. Establish your brand as an informative and viable option for your client’s financial management needs with SignCast Media.


Create convenient and innovative customer experiences.

Replace static banner signs with impressive and dynamic digital displays to help you communicate information in real time. Use digital signage to create interactive building directories, provide service information, and guide people around your public space. SignCast’s digital signage software transforms any information kiosk into a user-friendly, simple-to-navigate information source. Revolutionize your visitor experience by simplifying procedures and eliminating the hassle and confusion of ordinary administrative facilities.


Inform, educate and engage your customers efficiently.

Stay ahead of the competition by creating an innovating shopping experience. Grab shoppers’ attention while they walk and increase impulse purchases in-storewhere over 70% of purchase decisions are made. Retail digital signage solutions allow companies to build their brand in innovative ways using various types of media which leave lasting impressions of your company and brand.

Benefits of companies using digital signage in retail environments:

networking icon
Remotely display marketing messages to multiple locations globally in seconds.
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Display various types of media (pictures, videos, more) on our digital and interactive touch screens.
Modify and customize ads within minutes with our powerful and easy-to-use software.
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Display targeted messages to specific geographic locations at specific times.

Join the growing number of companies who benefit from one of fastest growing forms of advertising today.


Restaurants and quick service.

At SignCast Media, we provide restaurant and quick service owners with the technical and marketing tools they need to impress and entertain their guests with digital signage. We help our customers stay ahead of the competition by continuously innovating and creating solutions that will enable owners to not only meet, but exceed their sales goals. Our user-friendly digital signage software allows our clients to update and schedule content within minutes rather than days or weeks, which helps our customers continuously display fresh content and remain ahead. Our solutions have helped restaurant owners save time and money when updating their marketing messages, compared to costly static signage.  Whether your digital signage solution consists of one screen or hundreds across multiple locations, content administrators can remotely update marketing content to all locations with just a few clicks. We work with restaurant owners to create solutions that will have their guests coming back for more than just the cuisine.


Communicate effectively and engage your community.

As members of a place of worship grow in number, it may seem difficult to keep them up-to-date. Inform congregations about upcoming services, events, prayer meetings, trips, and much more as you liven your place of worship with a digital interface. Reduce the cost of printing and circulating announcements by displaying information and announcements in a timely manner for all your visitors to see. Inform newcomers about what your beliefs are in a simple and comfortable way. Digital signage is an effective way to inform others about what is going on in your place of worship and can be used as an innovative tool to share your beliefs with your community.

Health Care

Communicate with patients and visitors and streamline patient handling with digital signage.


Keep your patients and visitors informed by promoting well-being with informative messages on your digital displays. From displaying live news and weather in a waiting area to educating and engaging patients with timely health and wellness news. Digital signage can be used in a multitude of ways around your facility, whether it is a hospital or private clinic. Not only can you guide patients & visitors around your building with mapping and directories, you will also reduce inquiries and shorten wait times as you grab their attention with informative graphics and videos. SignCast Media’s digital signage solutions provide you with innovative ways to reach out to your patients.


Improve your guest experience with digital signage solutions.

Whether you need to direct clients to their rooms, meetings, or banquets, a digital signage interface is an effective way to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience for your guests.  Digital signage can help improve any service-oriented venue experience such as hotels, cruise ships, nightclubs, resorts, and restaurants by delivering information and advertisements to target audience guests at the right time. Our user-friendly interactive kiosk solutions enables your guests to access information they need in order to move forward with their schedules and enjoy their stay. Eye-catching displays with event times and locations, meeting information, and general tourist necessities can be a great addition to your venue.  In addition, all content can be updated within minutes or according to a set schedule to keep your information accurate.

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