wayfinding screens toronto


Saving time and reducing frustration for people looking to find and get to their destination in an unfamiliar environment is key. An effective wayfinding system is about more than just giving directions—it’s a method through which your guests can gain information about you and their surroundings at strategic points in the building. Grow brand familiarity by creating consistency and communicate with your customers or patrons using modern and engaging solutions.



Detailed directions and personalized routes in an engaging and modern format.


Cut down on printing and shipping cost and capitalize of cost-free automatic modifications.


Drive sales by engaging and entertaining patrons. Promote events and services or sell advertising space.
wayfinding screens toronto
Most significant of all are the quantifiable dollar benefits of moving to digital wayfinding signage—it displaces or reduces the previous costs of physical printed maps and signs, and updating information is also cost-free, efficient, and automatic.

Key Features

In addition to a navigation feature, the kiosk will have the capability to offer a visitor additional key information. 

  • Increased Flexibility
  • Overall cost-efficiency
  • Customization
  • Creative and interactive navigation features
  • Staff Management
  • Addititonal Advertising space
  • Promote events and service
  • Provide key information such as severe weather notifications and building rules and management
  • Enhance and increase the value of your property by providing your tenants up to date technology inside the building.


Increase staff efficiency with us: Wayfinding platforms can be integrated with your internal solutions or linked to other databases to make communicating with your team easier. Remotely control and update information in a matter of seconds. Personalize or customize your content to increase service experience and sales. Add logos, videos, or social media links for even more engagement.

wayfinding screens toronto

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