Impact On-Wall Kiosk

by | May 16, 2018 | Digital Signage, Technology

New from Chief the Impact On-Wall Kiosk brings a whole new flexiblity to digital signage enclosures with a sleek aesthetic to fit into a variety of environments.
The new product is the first co-developed solution with Chief and Middle Atlanic. Combining the strengths of both brands to create a very easily serviced kiosk that still manages to impress with its very clean looking appearance.
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“A depth-adjustable exterior frame allows for a variety of displays to be used. Reversible hinges help to avoid installation and service obstructions, and the exclusive design keeps the display mounted to the frame when opened, providing unparalleled service and maintenance access.”
The level of detail from both companies is apparent in the ease of installation and accessibility for servicing, which makes this dream for long term management of the kiosk and service teams.
Impact On-Wall Portrait Kiosk
Photograph by Milestone via

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Source: Milestone

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