Transform your meetings with Samsung Flip
Jesse Beck, Systems Development Coordinator
18 January 2018
At CES 2018 Samsung wants to transform your meetings by launching the Samsung Flip their take on “interactive digital flip chart” that will allow 4 users collaborate at the same time.
Samsung is releasing the Samsung Flip digital flip chart display which is the companies first foray into this arena (joining the likes of Google with the Jamboard and Microsoft with the Surface Hub). All of these products are an effort to make the modern meeting more collaborative by trying to solve the most prominent challenges that businesses face when trying to organize, collaborate and share ideas during and after a meeting.

The Samsung Flip brings a serious upgrade to the “old school” meeting room combining the power of multiple tools into a single display and allowing multiple external devices (through both wireless connectivity and USB, PC and mobile ports) to screen-share to and from connected PCs, smartphones and tables without interuption or reduced visual quality.

Flip Synchronization
Photograph by Samsung via Samsung
There is also no need to bring special devices to interact with the device, up to 4 people can write simultaneously, using any object as a writing tool. Allowing your workforce to be right at home writing on the Samsung Flip and allow you to focus on the meeting instead of how your sharing information.
“You and your teammates no longer need to sort through endless stacks of paper to find a specific discussion point. Now, you can seamlessly scroll through and search within up to 20 clearly-divided digital Flip pages.
The Samsung Flip ensures that your team can focus on discussing ideas instead of worrying about how to or about how to secure those meeting notes and collaborative documents. The flip allows for convenient and secure conclusions to every meeting by storing all content within a central database, eliminating the need for time consuming recaps or writen meeting notes. A built in password-based protection system safeguards meeting details and ensures only approved users can access meeting information. Once your team is logged in meeting leads and participants can download and share content through email, traditional printing or by exporting to USB or other external sources.
Samsung Flip
Photograph by Samsung via Samsung Newsroom

If your team is looking into transforming your meeting room for 2018 don’t hesitate to give us a call (416-900-2233) or contact us about getting the Samsung Flip for your business.


Source: Samsung Newsroom, Samsung

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