After starting off the new year with a look back at 2014, now it’s high time to turn expectant eyes forward to the future, and see what 2015 holds in store. We’ve already looked at what were the biggest stories of 2014 in terms of site traffic on Digital Signage Today, and turned to a panel of industry experts to ask them what they thought were the biggest stories or trends in the industry in terms of impact in 2014. So now we’ll turn to that same panel of experts for what they think will be the biggest stories or trends in the industry in the year ahead.

Lyle Bunn, analyst, advisor and educator in North America’s dynamic place-based media sector:

The top priority will be integration into the “Paid-Owned-Earned” media model as display systems investment is made and optimized. Organizations will increasingly look to dynamic media to increase the attractiveness of their destination(s) while increasing dwell time and shopper conversion. The influence that comes with presenting brand attributes, as well as product features and benefits at the point of purchase is a primary brand-builder through positive brand impression and shopper conversion. Locations that do not have dynamic media will increasingly be seen as “stale,” “flat” or outdated as the broad proliferation of the media fuels consumer expectation that on-site media that speaks to them should be part of their discovery and purchase journey.
Mobile is not a device, it is a platform. The role of the mobile device on the purchase journey continues to evolve. Geo-awareness and apps have established mobile as a platform with the important distinction that the “audience of one” pays for the device (like TV and Internet) while each interaction contributes to the body of insight and actionable intelligence on behaviors and trends. The fact that connected consumers are using media for decision support bodes well for brand and promotional messaging on digital display at points of action. As showrooming sits at the intersection of product research and purchase, the role of retail in the supply chain will increasingly be enabled by place-based media and platforms (such as digital signage) that can empower near-field, on demand, purchase-relevant informing and call to action.
Retail will see high growth. As food services and financial retail organizations have moved forward with enterprise programs, fashion, specialty and general retail will continue to move forward with innovations. Shelf-level display and stand-alone merchandising displays will increasingly include video media that aligns with the time of year, major calendar events and the dominant shopper demographic and mindset.
Digital place-based media is at the convergence of art and science. So expect to see improvements to content strategy and composition based on tangible evidence of impact. Analytics will drive optimization and higher return on investment.
Investment will be made from a broader range of envelopes. In being called In-store TV, broadcast budgets will be tapped for “owned” media investment. In being called the OuterNet, Internet budgets are increasingly being tapped. In moving to the “C-Suite” with more attention to the enabling value of the media being realized by the chief marketing, information, technology, facilities and staffing officers, and with a greater awareness of the contribution of the media to overall brand and corporate valuation, digital media moves from being an operational to tactical to strategic investment. “Digital SignageToday”

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