The food service industry has finally gotten clarity on the long-pending menu labeling laws, and the digital signage industry stands to gain from their pain. The regulations add a new level of complexity to chain restaurant menus, new complexity that can be addressed by digital signage menu boards in particular and dynamic ways possibly not feasible or cost-efficient for traditional, static menu boards.

After a nearly five-year wait, the Food and Drug Administration released its final menu labeling regulations last week. The regulations are part of the broader Affordable Care Act, initially passed in 2010.

Many of the rules were expected:


  • Chain restaurants (with 20 or more units) will have to list calorie information on menus.
  • No other information, however, is required (such as fat content).
  • Big Box stores that serve food (such as Target and Costco) are included.
  • The ruling does not apply to independent restaurants, bars, grocery stores, food trucks, ice cream trucks or airplane/transport meals.
  • Restaurant chains have one year to comply. The nutritional information is required on menus, menu boards and drive-thru menu boards. “Digital Signage Today”

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