The decision to build a new home is a major one, filled with choices and decisions. It can be overwhelming and scare away unprepared potential home-buyers. Here are five ways interactivity can improve the process and make it more comfortable.

1. Make the first choice easy

Right out of the gate, there are lots of options when it comes to buying a home – not to mention competitors. That’s why it’s important to create an environment where potential homeowners can envision themselves in, and fall in love with, a home.

While building a highly decorated walk-through model is always a great way to paint the picture, it is not feasible to build a model for every floor plan and option. If a model home doesn’t meet a family’s needs, the alternate floor plans need to be presented in a way that is as appealing in order to help potential home buyers see the vision.

That’s where an interactive display can help find the right plan to fit a family’s lifestyle. With the ability to explore 3D models, see the plan furnished and interact with 360-degree virtual tours, interactive touch displays can make virtual model homes just as powerful.

2. Make it attainable

For first time homeowners, wondering if you qualify and can afford a home is a big question. With interactive kiosks, homeowners can connect to your preferred lender and get pre-qualified on the spot.

Serving as a great lead-capturing device, interactive tables or kiosks gather information about prospective buyers, allowing for future follow-up and nurturing. An interactive mortgage calculator can calculate monthly payments, based on chosen floor plans and upgrades.

3. Understanding the lay of the land

Most often, plot maps are two-dimensional, providing only basic information on the size of the property. Utilizing technology, you can explore different lot choices in a 3D environment and get a feel for how the chosen floor plan will fit on the property and what the final grade will be. Take it a step further and show which direction a room faces, and what room has that amazing view.

4. Navigate the choices with a design center interactive touchscreen

When building a new home, there are a lot of choices and available upgrades. While you can’t negate the benefit of the tangible touch and feel of samples, seeing them in a room beyond the small sample square can really paint the picture. Add your chosen finishes to a 3D model of the plan’s actual living room to really get an idea of how it will look. Beyond cosmetics, interactive displays can educate homeowners on the benefits and selling features of that more expensive furnace and discuss the options that may get overlooked on the upgrade sheet.

Often in design centers, employees are not equipped to educate on all available upgrades, especially those related to HVAC or electrical. By implementing a design center interactive touchscreen, a customer can research all options and have the necessary information available to make important decisions. Couple the interactive information center with a barcode reader, and allow customers to easily get more information on products they see within the center. Integrate a smartphone app, and allow the customers to choose their upgrades, see their running total and watch their monthly payments change based on their finishes.

5. The designer’s touch

One of the toughest parts about building a new home is wondering if your choices will look good when all put together. While interactive software can show a homeowner what their choice of cabinet, floor and paint will look like together, it can’t tell them if their palette is tasteful or not. When walking through a model home, most of what homebuyers fall in love with is the staging and designer finishes. Then they are given a stripped-down blank slate and left to their own devices to recreate the look they so loved. Utilizing technology, you can put together designer choices based on different styles or price ranges. Allow customers the opportunity to purchase upgrades in a prepackaged styled palette.

With more and more home builders moving towards interactive experiences, it is more important than ever to consider if implementing an interactive experience is the right investment choice for you. Digital SignageToday

Help your client make important decisions digitally, implement a design centre equipped with interactive touchscreens.

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