Audi scores engagement with digital signage at MLS All-Star Game | Digital Signage Today 

Partnering with Audi, Major League Soccer and MVP Collaborative, MVP Interactive deployed its Mobile GamingWall during the 2015 MLS All-Star week in Denver. Fans attending the events at Skyline Park and Dick’s Sporting Good Stadium had the opportunity to take penalty kicks against Audi’s virtual goalie.

Before starting the game, fans registered their personal data and answered a short questionnaire using Microsoft Surface Tablets. Each user had one practice kick and five chances to beat the goalie in under a minute. The embedded Microsoft Kinect camera captured the speed of each kick, and points were awarded based on the speed and success of each attempt. This data was displayed on screen resembling the dashboard of Audi’s new hybrid car, the eTron.

At the completion of each game play the wall displayed a player leaderboard and the user put in their email address on a nearby keyboard to receive an Audi branded email with an animated GIF of their shot attempts.

During the weeklong event, 17,000 fans witnessed Audi’s activation and nearly 3,000 unique emails were captured. Those who played the game posted their action shots on social media, creating a reach of 80,000 social media impressions, according to MVP Interactive. Digital SignageToday

Watch a highlights video of the deployment below:

Engaging your targeted audiences while collecting their data. A win-win situation! Comtact SignCast Media for more information.

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