Chile’s Bank of Santander has deployed a digital signage video wall solution that allows flexible and dynamic monitoring of all the daily transactions occurring in the bank’s more than 250 branches throughout the country, according to an announcement from display provider Wavetec.

The bank identified the specific need to innovate and optimize its monitoring room by installing a video wall solution to visualize the bank’s activity in a “holistic and comprehensive manner” throughout the country, the announcement said.

Wavetec developed a customized video wall signage solution at the bank’s central monitoring room which comprises 16 professional high-definition displays ready to operate 24/7. The video wall is connected to a video processor that can connect up to 32 video inputs at once. With the installed video wall, the bank’s management can proactively monitor activities at various branches for appropriate decision-making and service optimization.

The system also prioritizes and focuses on certain information depending on the day or month, interspersing the order and/or the grouping of the displays. Digital SignageToday

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