The background is the environment of your message. Just like the backdrop in a play, it is often the first thing viewers see and the last thing they remember. No one finds a blank page engaging or memorable! Audiences need something flavorful to digest. With all of the abilities that digital signage offers, why wouldn’t you incorporate a background into your design? Digital content backgrounds can either be extremely effective for customer engagement, or they can deter audience eyes. You’ll learn how to avoid the latter in this blog.


A colorfill is the most basic option for backgrounds, because white backgrounds are often perceived as the opposite of creative. With digital signage, there is an even bigger reason to avoid white backgrounds — LED technology repels eyes when it emits white. We don’t want that!


There is a difference between featuring an image as the main component of your message and stretching a picture as your background. Remember, the purpose of a background is to create a visually appealing environment where your message can thrive. Don’t use an intricate image (such as a picture of the crowd at a sporting event), as it will distract from your message.


Texture can be a great alternative to color, as long as it doesn’t overpower the composition of the screen. Adding texture, or “noise,” to your template can give a tasteful level of dimension. In other cases, it’s too much (e.g., some of the filters your friends use on Instagram). Just like our rule with images: Keep texture subtle, or else it will be distracting!

In digital design, background options are limitless. Depending on your message, they can be as wild or as conservative as you’d like. Background creation can actually be fun if you learn to enjoy the process! Remember to mix what doesn’t work and use what does. Be sure to avoid white backgrounds, unless you want to repel your audience’s eyes. Digital Signage Today

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