Digital signage isn’t some brand-new idea that all smart businesses are just jumping onto now. It’s been around for some some time– just not necessarily in the same technologically-forward way as it is now. There’s a history of digital signage, and it’s really quite interesting to see where it all started.

Back in the day, a lot of businesses had to rely on what they had– whether that meant self-recorded VHS tapes on cathode ray tube TVs, looping the same homemade video content over and over again. Back then, people didn’t have access to slick animations, touch screens, and impeccable design. It was a different world, alright. Luckily these days, digital signage is on the forefront of technology, and is one of the most cutting-edge ad platforms out there today. Impressive, right?

With digital signage, you can do anything to promote or advertise your business– you can build a touch screen app for your clients to interact with, customize a building directory with multiple modules, or install an enormous, flat-screen video wall to impress all who pass by it– among others. The amazing thing about digital signage is just how versatile and flexible it is. Even 10 years ago, the world didn’t have as many options as we do now, and the ones we currently do have are incredible. With so much opportunity available to businesses in the world of digital signage, it’s still somewhat shocking to see that not every business is trying to incorporate it into their marketing platform. An eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and proven to be effective method of growing your business and attracting new customers? Who wouldn’t want that?

In this day and age, digital signage helps you stay ahead of the times. Technology is advancing at an extreme rate, and every year we are brought new products and developments to get excited about. All stats on digital signage prove that it really does work, and with the way it’s grown in the last decade, we have access to even more tools to make digital signage even more powerful. If it wasn’t here to stay, it would have died out a while ago. However, digital signage has been evolving for years, and it’s only going to keep growing and getting better. Trust us– we’re professionals who have been doing this for 15 years (and the stats don’t lie).

Move forward and impress your customers with your best display and advertising strategy yet.

Check out the infographic we made for you below and learn a little more about the history of digital signage, and how much it’s changed.

signcast toronto infographic flowchart on the brief history of digital signage

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