Edmonton International Airport uses proceeds from Lexus parking deal to fund new digital signage.

The luxury vehicle brand Lexus, has purchased 30 reserved parking spaces at Edmonton International Airport. The Lexus parking stalls are located in prime locations, near elevators on the second and third level of the parkade.

The move has been highly criticized on social media. Some airport customers are calling it elitist, expressing concerns that accessible parking spots would be removed. However, in a statement made shortly after these accusations surfaced, Heather Hamilton EIA spokeswoman, said absolutely no handicap or parent parking had been or would be removed in the future.

Hamilton further defended the airport’s decision saying that as a Not-for-profit organization, the parking revenue was important. In this particular case the money will go towards funding digital signage. “The benefit to this being that signs can be updated on the fly electronically, as opposed to having to be manufactured, and physically changed out by someone on a ladder or on a lift. This will be faster, cheaper and easier.”

The contract between Lexus and EIA runs until March 2017 with the potential for extension. Lexus of Edmonton said the decision was a way to offer a unique experience to Lexus owners in the city.

“What we look to do is offer Lexus drivers a great ownership experience. So it is the amenities that we offer in the dealership and now finding ways to offer great amenities to them outside of the dealership as well,” Matt Miller, GM of Lexus of Edmonton, said.

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