Oh man, oh man, oh man. You’ve been tasked with organizing the staff holiday office party and you’ve done nothing. Maybe time got away from you. Maybe you just forgot. Either way, you now have less than a week to plan something for the whole office. Stressed? Don’t be. SignCast will help you plan an awesome last-minute party for the whole office– big or small.

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Movie night

Who doesn’t like acting like a kid again? Throw a pseudo-sleepover by renting a projector (we have some right here) and setting up a movie screening with holiday classics such as Home Alone, Krampus, or Christmas Vacation. Take a poll to see what people will want to watch– you don’t want to be the office Scrooge who picked some weird, depressing Danish film that nobody else wanted to see.

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Still got that screen? Awesome. Use it for… karaoke. Shy? Don’t worry. Get a couple of glasses of eggnog into you and you’ll be rocking the mic just as hard as David from accounting. Karaoke is great for multiple reasons: If you hate your coworkers, you can watch them humiliate themselves with the karaoke machine. I know Terry from HR always gives you weird, backhanded compliments. Now’s your chance to enjoy her miserable attempt to sound like Shania Twain. On the other hand, if you love the people you work with, you’ll have an incredible night creating cherished and treasured memories. Either way, you’re bound to have a good time.

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To truly get into the holiday spirit, you need the right decor. Pressed for time? Hit up the dollar store and grab a bunch of candy canes and other Christmas-y stuff. Time to get creative. For drinks, pop a candy cane into each glass. Tie ribbons on posts. Throw tinsel on any surface that doesn’t have tinsel. If you have time, throw up some fairy lights for a real festive look. Fill a top hat with a bunch of ornaments, for Pete’s sake. Get creative, and don’t be scared. Unless you’ve somehow installed a hideous pinata, surely the rest of the staff will love the effort you’ve put into their office party (and your ability to pull it off).

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Snacks (and drinks)! What’s a party without food? Lay out some chips in a bowl (classic party food) as well as pretzels and other “bar food.” For those who like to eat clean, don’t forget to grab a platter of veggies and dips, available at any local grocery store. Since it’s a holiday party, you definitely want Christmas cookies or anything cute and festive. If you’re not much of a baker, don’t worry– luckily, you can buy tons of sugar cookies at the grocery store for your office party. For a more “adult” vibe, try to get a last minute catering order of miniature hors d’oeuvres (if you have the budget), as well as a fancy cheese platter and a charcuterie board. Don’t forget to tie some bits of ribbon or tinsel around the table and add a festive tablecloth to add to the mood.

Well, after all these tips, it looks like you’re all set for an excellent holiday office party. Worried your office won’t like it? Don’t be– just spike the punch with some eggnog (or just spike the eggnog) and pop in everyone’s favourite holiday movie. You know nobody can be upset when Home Alone is playing. Your party will be great and you’ll be the star of the show. Trust us.

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