Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) recently launched a digital signage network with its dedicated lottery retailers (DLRs), who operate lottery-only kiosks in shopping malls throughout the province.

A small but significant portion of OLG’s sales—about $130 million annually—comes from these kiosks. Through a pilot program, OLG has rolled out large-scale screens in two Toronto malls, supported by Audience software and services from Capital Networks in nearby Markham, ON.

“Our information technology (IT) team worked with Capital Networks in support of our lottery division’s vision for a better point-of-purchase (POP) experience,” says Michael Tutton, OLG’s digital signage manager. “They provided not only technical support, but also industry insights, making suggestions to improve the project.”

OLG and Capital Networks have worked together since 2004, building a digital signage network of approximately 1,200 screens. (Photos courtesy of SignMedia)

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