While many quick-service restaurants have recognized the value in digital signage within restaurant walls, operators are still hesitant to think outside the box, literally, when it comes to digital menu boards in the drive-thru. Although an average of 60-70 percent of sales stem from the drive-thru¹, widespread adoption of outdoor digital menu boards is still limited. But as operators recognize that the addition of outdoor digital menu boards quickly translate to higher profits in the drive-thru, adoption rates will continue to increase.

Prior to the implementation of digital menu boards, static boards had proven to be expensive and difficult to update. Additionally, brands are unable to confirm implementation of new static menu boards while also limiting upselling opportunities. Operators have found solutions to these issues by adopting indoor digital menu boards and are beginning to understand the opportunities for similar success in the drive-thru.

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Photo Credit: By Jeffery Pinc, Director of Food Service, Panasonic System Communications Co. of North America

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