Thinking of a way to spice up that boardroom? Connect Room Signs offer a unique way to handle room management.

The new digital signage system doesn’t require any special software such as the AxisTV CMS. On the contrary, the Connect Room Sign allows you to pull data and information from Exchange, Exchange 365, and Google Calendar.

With the Connect Room Signs, you can see the status of a room instantly with availability lights– making it easier for you to avoid awkward exchanges when you go to to check if a room is clear for a meeting. Moreover, you can use this new digital signage tool to book, start, end, extend, or cancel meetings– straight from the sign! Convenience at your fingertips, the Connect Room Sign offers much more than simple decoration.

For meetings that require projectors or screens, the Connect Room Sign also displays room numbers and AV resource icons, so you don’t find yourself booked into a room that won’t have the tools you need to have the most productive meeting. Avoid embarrassing situations and always be prepared by booking the room with the AV resources you need ahead of time. Even better: Problem with the projector in the room? Avoid letting someone else deal with it by updating the screen and reporting a resource issue within the digital signage unit itself, allowing others to know about the broken hardware and getting it fixed faster.

The Connect Room Signs can be used to display company logos or titles of the rooms. Moreover, the signs can easily be mounted on walls or even glass, and are powered via a POE network, optional POE injectors, or by included DC power supplies.
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