The digital signage times they are a-changin’ — and use cases for digital signage are extending far beyond just the images on screens. Now organizations have the ability to create interactive and immersive digital experiences that run across multiple devices and integrate new and emerging technologies. This new approach to visual communications enhances the experience, improves satisfaction and ultimately has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Taking a look at the changing face of the digital signage experience, Omnivex Corp. and Digital Signage Today recently hosted a webinar, “Thinking Outside the Box with Digital Signage,” that looked at real-world examples of the technology engaging with consumers.

The webinar was led by Doug Bannister, the CEO and director of software development for digital signage software provider Omnivex, and Bill Baldasti, VP and GM of digital experience and emerging technology solution provider Infusion.

Bannister started off the presentation by looking at the process of deploying digital signage:

He also examined the evolution of data on signs, the rise of big data and what he calls “the five Vs of big data”:

Then he looked at various ways of implementing big data in digital signage and technologies for interactive digital signage, from touch to multitouch and NCF to RFID:

Baldasti also looked at the process of deploying digital signage, starting with “Why?” as in, “Why are you deploying digital signage in the first place? And how can you use it to create custom experiences for customers to differentiate your brand?”

“So how do we figure out the why?” he asked. “It’s all around discovery. You need to start off and really figure out what is it you’re looking to do. How do you want the signage and the technology to interact with your brand? How do you want it to represent your brand? What kind of content do you want to display? How do you want to display the content? And how do you want to customize the content based on the people that are coming through and interacting or experiencing that technology?”

He then took participants through several deployments that created interactive and engaging spaces for consumers using digital signage technology, including a restaurant, two banks, retail digital signage endcaps and the well-known Build-A-Bear Workshop deployment:

Both Bannister and Baldasti then engaged in a free-flowing Q-and-A session with participants that covered a wide range of topics, from how digital signage can help municipalities with “smart city” initiatives to how companies are measuring return on investment or return on objective in interactive digital signage deployments. Digital SignageToday

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