While social media was once considered to be a passing children’s fad used by teens to comment on their favourite celebrities, or to share pictures of the food they’ve just eaten, it has quickly morphed in to an incredibly powerful and cost-effective marketing tool used by both major corporations and small businesses alike. Over time, social networks have become an integral part of virtually all marketing strategies, and to ignore these strategies is to shun the most effective and all-encompassing tool at your disposal.


While the potential to increase the scope and effectiveness of your brand is significant, the specific ways in which social media achieves these results can seem unclear. Following is a list of ways in which these networks enable businesses to work towards this.

Increased Brand Recognition

Visibility is key when growing your brand on any social media platform. These platforms provide an additional opportunity to increase the reach of your brand’s voice, while making you easily accessible and recognizable to both new and existing customers. For example, maybe an avid Facebook user stumbles upon your page in their news feed, or notices that a friend has liked one of your posts. The more networks that you can establish a presence on, the better.

One of the most effective ways of accomplishing this is through the establishment of an online community. These communities facilitate engagement with your brand, and likes and shares facilitate continued engagement with new individuals and new audiences, leading to new customers. There is no doubt that a social media presence can only help to strengthen brand awareness and create a wider audience for your business.

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Improved Brand Loyalty

Not only does social media help to increase the scope of your audience, it also helps to retain new and existing customers and increase brand loyalty. Strengthening the loyalty of your customer should be a central goal of any business, and social media platforms provide an arena to do so through customer engagement. By giving your customers a platform to engage with your brand, you provide them with the opportunity to communicate with you directly. Being given the opportunity to bond and connect with their favourite brands works to strengthen this affiliation, and subsequently helps you retain the loyalty of your customers.

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Higher Conversion Rates

The more social media content you create, the more opportunity you give to consumers to react and engage with this content. These reactions are what lead to site visits and a chance to convert users into active customers. While not all of these reactions lead to conversion, increasing these interactions through a steady output of engaging content increases this likelihood.

One of the central ways in which social media engagement can lead to higher conversion rates is through the action of humanizing your brand in the eyes of the consumer. By providing a direct line of communication between your brand and the consumer, you can begin to break down the barriers that exist between corporations and their customers. Revealing the human aspect behind your brand helps to personify your social media presence, as we as consumers prefer to interact with other people over large corporate entities.

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Higher Brand Authority

One of the central functions of increasing brand awareness and loyalty is to establish your brand as an authority in its field. Satisfying your customers through social medial interactions encourages them to express the positive experiences they’ve had with your products through social media. This provides your brand with an additional (and free) form of advertisement, and helps to increase the authority of your brand. Additionally, interacting and building relationships with major brands through social media can provides a major boost to your reach and authority.

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It’s clear that social media can be used as an incredibly effective marketing tool that all businesses should be implementing. When used effectively, an efficient social media campaign can lead directly to increased brand recognition, a stronger connection with consumers, higher conversion rates, and the increased authority of your brand. You have every reason to implement this simple and effective tool, so get started now and grow your business!

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