Widgets Guide

Add content to your screen using widgets. Just drag and drop the one you need from the panel to your creative then customize it using the menu on the right side of your creative. Find out what each one does below 

Label, Text & Ticker

Learn the three different ways to add text in Signcast Studio

Time, Countdown, Weather & Calendar

Use these live widgets to keep your viewers updated. 

RSS & Media RSS

Learn how to add news to your signage in two different styles. 

Queue Widget

Keep your waiting room organized and your visitors informed.

Table & Dashboard

Display data source in a beautiful UI

Animated GIF & Giphy

Add animated GIF images to your content. 

Image, Video, Slideshow

Add Images, Videos & Slideshows and Costumize them in Studio.

Embed Creative & Embed HTML

Embed a whole creative or an HTML code in your main creative

Youtube, Ustream & Streaming Widget

Play your Youtube and Ustream videos directly from your Creative.

Web Widgets

Web Page, Image & Video. Embed web pages, images & video from the web right into your creative.

Smart Entrance

Keep your store within capacity and your customers safe and informed.


A step-by-step guide to getting started with Signcast Studio and effectivley using it. 


Trying to achieve something specific with your signage, but don't know how? See if you can find it here!

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