Youtube, Ustream & Streaming widget

To use any of the widgets is Studio, just click on it, Drag it and Drop it on your page. You can then add links and customize its appearance & position the way you like through the Properties Panel.

Youtube Widget

This widget allwos you to add a Youtube video directly into your creative. To do that, Drag & drop the Youtube widget on your creative, resize it the way you like then paste your Youtube link in the Youtube URL box in the ‘Properties’ section to the left of the canvas.

Ustream Widget

Similar to the Youtube Widget. Drag and drop the Ustream widget and paste your Ustream video link in the Ustream URL box in the ‘Properties’ section. 

Streaming Widget

The streaming widget can now only accept M3U8 file streaming format (similar to the Ustream widget we have).
M3U8 file extension is actually UTF-8 encoded audio/video playlist file. To learn more about this format, please click here.

NOTE: at the moment, only the Android player app, installed on Android 5 and above, supports this new feature. In the future, we will add support on the Windows player app as well.


A step-by-step guide to getting started with Signcast Studio and effectivley using it. 


Trying to achieve something specific with your signage, but don't know how? See if you can find it here!

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