Table & Dashboard Widgets

To use any of the widgets is Studio, just click on it, Drag it and Drop it on your page. You can then customize its appearance & position the way you like.

Table Widget (beta)

This is a widget with a table. Once you add it, you have some styling properties of the widget. Please notice that you cannot just type in the table and fill the cells. The source of the widget needs to come from an API URL or CSV file which is published (usually from a Google spreadsheet).

Please notice that this is a beta version and the player app must stay online, otherwise the table will not appear. Also, for Android, this widget is supported only on Android 5 and above.

Dashboard Widget (beta)

New widget for displaying data source in a beautiful UI.
With this feature, you can display data source from your API on the screen or you can add the data manually. For example, the data can be data of statistics, table, CSV file. With this feature, you can display the data on the screen in a graphical way, in a “plug ‘n’ play” simple way.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Drag the new widget to the canvas
  2. Choose your chart layout
  3. Set the “Data Source” (you either choose API, CSV or paste a data expression and “Reload Interval” (to minutes).
  4. You can also change the style of the chosen chart.
    * Please notice that for Android, this widget is supported only on Android 5 and above.

How to generate a csv link?

  1. Upload your Excel or CSV file with a table, to a Google Drive as a Google spreadsheet (Google sheets).  
  2. In the Google spreadsheet, click the ‘File’ menu item, then ‘Publish to the web’.
  3. In the window, choose ‘Entire Document’ or the sheet you want to display for the ‘Link’, and ‘Comma-separated values (.csv)’ for the “Embed”.
  4. Copy the URL of the published CSV.
  5. In Studio, drag & drop the widget you need (Table or Dashboard).
  6. Choose ‘Import CSV’ in the ‘Data Source Type’.
  7. Paste the link in the ‘Data Source’ property.
  8. your data will automatically show! 

The content of the table will be changed every time you make a change in the published CSV table (will take around 5 minutes to get updated). 

NOTE: .csv files read the data only; anything you format in the  Google Sheets will not show once you put it in studio. For example, if you make the text bold, change the colour or merge cells, you won’t be able to see that in Studio and it might read your data incorrectly.

However, you can customize the look of your widgets in the properties panel in Signcast Studio. 


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