How to share creatives, playlists & widgets across accounts

With this power feature you can share any widget or creative or playlist with other accounts (naturally it will be accounts of other users), so other users will be able to update a particular creative of yours. 

Here are the steps of how to do it:

Sharing Widgets & Creatives:

1. Enter your online Studio account and then open the composed creative which you’d like to share.

2. The creative will be opened within the Creative Composer tool. Above the canvas you will notice a horizontal icon list. One of the right most icons should look like a person icon with a plus on it. Click it. If you clicked one of the widgets on the canvas, the share popup window which will be opened will reflect sharing of that widget (and the process of that is same as the following steps) and not sharing of the entire creative. To share the entire creative, just click anywhere outside the canvas and right after click the share button.

3. This will open a popup window for choosing an account. Press the “Add” button.

4. In the next window, type the username (as we can find the account according its user) and press “Search”. If the user exists in your scope, then its related accounts will appear below. Choose any of them by checking the corresponding checkbox and then press the “Ok” button.

5. In the next window, choose the permission (permissions change based on what you’re sharing) by checking it and then press “Ok”. The window will close itself. Do not forget to press “Save” in order to save the creative (otherwise the sharing you did won’t be saved).

6. If you login to the other user account, where you shared this creative with, you’ll be able to see a small icon near the creative update time that looks like a people icon. That is the indication that this creative is not theirs and was shared with them.

Sharing Playlists:

You can also share a playlist with another account. That sharing makes the playlist to appear in the other account as well, but non-editable. Of course, the other user in that other account can duplicate that shared playlist and use the duplication as his own.
So, previously, you entered the playlist in edit mode, clicked the sharing icon and chose a user.
Also here, there is another new step: first you choose the user (for security reasons, you have to type it and you do not get a list of available users), then you get to see his related accounts (each user has his own private account – which, of course, can be shared with other users; but there are possibly other special accounts which may be used by multiple users), you choose one or more account and that’s it. 

Here are the steps: 

1. While you’re in edit mode of a playlist you wish to share, click the little sharing icon, which is located in the top-right corner. After doing so, a sharing popup window will appear. Click the “Add” button, in order to choose a user:

2. Type the username in the search textbox and press the “Search” button. If you found the user, then its accessible related accounts will appear below. Choose one account or more and press “Ok”. Do not forget to save the playlist by pressing the “Update” in the top right corner of your Studio:

3. Now, a user with access to the accounts which you shared this playlist with will be able to see and use this playlist in that account.


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