How to add advanced weather forecast

The weather forecast is a property of the weather widget that allows you to display date with an offset of up to 6 days ahead.

You can also set a day + offset in the clock widget, which is very useful for the weather forecast. Follow the Formats guide to know what each letters resembles. 

Create your own templates or find our ready to use forecast templates by searching for ‘weather’ in Signcast Studio.

The weather widget can be set to “current” (now), “today” (the rest of the current day), “tomorrow”, “+2 days”, “+3 days”, “+4 days”, “+5 days” and “+6 days”.

To create a forecast with multiple days, add multiple weather widgets and set the offset accordingly.

To show which days each weather widget belogs to, use the clock widget with the same offsets you used for the weather. For example, you can put a weather forecast for “+3 days” and above it, the clock widget, to show the day in the week of that day (clock set to “+3 days” offset).

In the clock widget you can choose 2 new time formats: “EEEE” and “EEE”. The first one will show you the day in the week (i.e. Monday), while the second one will show you a short name for that (i.e. Mon).


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