Adding Rss & Media Rss

To use any of the widgets is Studio, just click on it, Drag it and Drop it on your page. You can then customize its appearance & position the way you like.


The Rss widget is basically a news ticker. After adding the rss link to your preffered news channel, you can customize the text appearance and direction from the panel on the right. 

Media Rss

Similar to the Rss widget, the Media Rss widget allows you to add news except with media. to Customize the size and placement of the image, logo, title and text, click on the pencil icon at the top right corner of the widget. 


A step-by-step guide to getting started with Signcast Studio and effectivley using it. 


Trying to achieve something specific with your signage, but don't know how? See if you can find it here!

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