Label, Text, & Ticker

To use any of the widgets is Studio, just click on it, Drag it and Drop it on your page. You can then customize its appearance & position the way you like.


The Label widget is used to create text that’s centred within the text frame. Use it for short text items in your design such as titles, headlines, etc.


Use the Text widget to create blocks of text or if you want to use different text styles within one sentence. For example, if you want to make certain words in your paragraph bold.

You can also click the Giphy Text option to generate a textual animated GIF.

This is done easily by typing the wanted text (up to 60 characters), pressing the “Generate Text” button and then you’ll get several options.


Ticker is for creating moving text. Use it to create announcments, events, or news on your screen. You can customize the speed and direction of the text as well!


A step-by-step guide to getting started with Signcast Studio and effectivley using it. 


Trying to achieve something specific with your signage, but don't know how? See if you can find it here!

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